In Canada, we’ve seen it all. Power outages, ice storms, heat waves followed by the bitterest cold. We were swapping stories in the office one day, relating tales of the last snowmageddon. My own tale was that of crazy low temperatures that caused the pipes in my basement dungeon apartment to freeze. The poor furnace was just unable to cope with the -40°C/F temperature. Someone else shared a story of her friends in the east coast, who lived right on a bay in the middle of nowhere. It was so windy, that the power would more often than not be out, leaving them literally in the cold. In fact, this colleague visited her friends there over the winter holidays. The day before she arrived it was nearly +20°C/68°F, but upon arrival, the wind picked up and the temperature plummeted to -30°C/-22°F before the wind chill! That’s where Napoleon comes in. When you live in an environment where weather extremes are a daily occurrence, knowing what the hype is with Hybrid Furnaces may be the difference between hot and cozy and cold and crummy.

What is a Hybrid Furnace?

Hybrid series furnaces are a heating system that doesn’t require a main power source. In the case of a Napoleon Hybrid Series Furnace, the main heating source for your home would be wood. Secondary heating allows your furnace to remain active automatically, so you can leave your home or cottage without worrying about frozen pipes or damage. The real beauty about using a Hybrid Wood Furnace for your main heat source is that if there is a power outage, heat is still circulated throughout your house via the air ducts without the use of your furnace’s blower.

Napoleon Hybrid Series Furnaces are built to work with all of your different heating and cooling situations. From wood only, to augmentation of your existing gas, electric, or even oil system. This makes it one of the most versatile kinds of heating systems available. Highly efficient, these furnaces boast ratings as high as 88.6% when in the most optimum conditions. They also burn as clean as our best wood burning fireplaces, meeting all of the latest CSA standards.

Here’s a Full Range of Fuel Types When choosing a Napoleon Hybrid Furnace Model:

The Hybrid 100

Great heating for homes up to 1400 sq. feet, and comes with an optional diffuser to circulate heat directly into your room.

The Hybrid 150 & 200

The hybrid 150 model can handle heating a home that is up to 2,000 sq. feet, while the 200 can provide heat for a space up to 3,000 sq. feet; for well insulated homes. Both of these models are equipped with central A/C adaptability for even more convenience and versatility year round.

Need Help Deciding?
Use the following chart as a general guideline for selecting either the Hybrid 150 or Hybrid 200 based upon heat loss calculation results for the application being considered.

If you’re considering augmenting your home heating, but don’t want a fireplace, a Hybrid Furnace would be an excellent choice. Prepared for every situation that Mother Nature can come up with, a hybrid furnace will keep you toasty when there’s no power. Perfect for rural, densely populated, or areas that are on the shore of a bay in the middle of nowhere; so you won’t get caught in the cold.

Check out our Hybrid Series Furnaces to see what the hype is about, we even have a great article about stacking wood that is full of awesome info or this one on artful firewood indoors. Don’t forget to like us on facebook and follow on twitter for some more hot topics!

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